Monday, March 26, 2007


I have finally been able to manage to change something on this blog's layout. It's not much and I think it kind of ruined the concept but hey, I'm still learning here. I might need to alter the images in Photoshop at some time. Or maybe create my very own image... We'll see. Err... no creative juice here.

The 28th's going to be the 40th Death Anniversary of Papa. This is starting to sink into my mind already. Been frequently going home expecting he'd be there waiting. Or when the sun's almost setting and the night is falling, you know we needed to close the windows and doors to keep the mosquitoes out (or in!). But this expecting thingy is more often than not is disappointing me. There's no one waiting and nobody's keeping the mosquitoes out. It's just us now.


Woke up with the sweetest man alive. It's so nice to have him beside me always. The days get nothing but better when you wake up next to the one you love most. Hope it will always be this way.

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