Monday, April 9, 2007

Lenten Tagaytay

We didn't go far this holy week. We just visited our house in Tagaytay. Err.. Alfonso, Cavite to be exact. I have work until last Friday so we have no choice but to leave Manila Friday night.

We reached the house at around 2AM. The next morning we ate breakfast and got ready for.... barbeque!!!

I missed eating talaba (grilled oysters) I can't remember when was the last time I did that. We liked it cooked tustado. Not well-done, it's very well-done! Yummy! We also barbequed chicken after lunch.

That night my Mom cooked really really cute puto (native rice cake) as our baon (packed food) the next day. I loved eating puto as well, just keep something to drink handy because it can easily get stuck when you swallow it. It taste so nice, I can't help myself not to eat it.

After the Easter Sunday mass, we strolled around Calaruega and took some more pictures.

Cool Slideshows

I'm pretty sure it isn't obvious that we like pictures too much. Too bad we forgot to bring the tripod... LOL!

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