Friday, May 4, 2007

Hu… wwha…??!!

^ This is the most common reaction whenever I say I’m cooking. It’s more of a surprise to them as they know that I don’t cook at all. It is annoying but at the same time my lips would curl up to an evil smile… Bwahahaha!!! You didn’t know I can cook pala ha! (So, sasabunin ko ba yun bigas bago isaing?)

Little did they know my Mom used to teach me how to cook. I am her frequent kitchen assistant. This was the “Before Jojo” times. Well, the interest went out the door after he cooked his super delicious adobo. Not to mention that I can’t eat anything that I have smelled for more than 30 minutes. I most especially envy admire those people who loves cooking and eating. Since I need to gain weight, I quit learning.

Since I got the morning shift, I feel guilty (and I don’t have anything else to do waiting for him than cleaning) that he would cook pa after he gets home when he’s so tired na. The last few weeks I’ve been cooking and asking. Cooking food and then asking Jojo how it was – hehe! He got annoyed the other night because I kept on asking.

One time, he thought I did not cook because I was already sleeping when he got home. I need to take a nap when I’m waiting for him. Otherwise, I will be late for work the next morning. He was so angry – because I wanted to wait for him so we could eat together, I will take a snack before I leave the office.

J: Bakit hindi ka pa kumakain?!
Me: E, wala ka pa e. Bakit ka galit?!
J: Buti nga concerned ako sa yo (Or something like that). Anong gusto mo luto ko?
Me: Kahit ano.

Jojo went to the kitchen – finds out the already cooked chicken. He went back into the room with a sorry and a really funny smile on his face. (Huwag kasi mag-HB agad!)

I won’t post recipes (dyahe!). I’m not a professional and there are like thousands of recipes over the internet. Why ask me? Pramis, hindi ko po sinasabon ang bigas! Anyways, there are only a few recipes that I can remember from my Mom and here are some that I’ve already tried with matching comments:

1. Ginisang Mongo: Masarap daw. Naubos naman so siguro nga! Haha!
2. Spaghetti with Meatballs: Masarap din daw pero kulang sa sauce. Hehehe! Bakit ba kasi gumawa pa ko ng sarili ko e meron naman de lata!
3. Giniling at Patatas (ito ba talaga tawag dito?): Masarap din daw pero hindi naubos.
4. Ginisang Baguio Beans: Masarap din daw. Ito naubos. Actually, favorite ko rin to e.
5. Meatballs: Ubos rin.
6. Breaded Pork Chop: Challenging sya gawin kasi hindi talaga ako marunong magmarinade. I have no idea what I was doing. Naubos din sya.
7. Sweet & Sour Tilapia: Sarap din daw. Ganda nya (may flower – jk!) saying nde ko na-picture!
8. Tortang Talong with giniling: Aliw sya dito kasi mahilig sya sa talong at ako hindi. Tortang giniling lang kinain ko. Bwehehehe!
9. Potato & Onion Omelette: Ayaw nya nito kasi walang pork.
10. Chicken Afritada: Masarap daw e ang tabang tabang! Liar! Thoes darn potatoes sucked up all the saltiness! Hmp…
11. Ginisang Sayote: Veggies! He liked it as well.

During lunch breaks, I would go home to have lunch with him before he goes to work. These times, I won’t be able to cook. Kulang na kasi sa oras so I would just buy something from anywhere and take it home with me. It annoys me to find so many left-overs in the fridge so one time, I did not buy anything and we just munched on what we can heat sa microwave. It’s a bit of a challenge for both of us to eat leftovers. But it really breaks my heart to throw them away.

There are still a lot of recipes I’d like to try. A lot of kits I’d like to scrap. A lot of downloaded movies and TV series I want to watch. And there’s so little time.

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