Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Tummy's Honeys

I am crossing my fingers for stretchmarks not to appear anywhere. I already have a few on my behind and I'm content with just that - thank you. Anyways, I would appreciate it so much if they would vanish but right now I'm hoping none would appear. I've been growing so much which means my skin's stretching as well. I have been researching on stretchmarks eversince I learned I was pregnant 'cause I soo want to wear two-piece swimsuits still.

I heard a lot about other products but only the Tummy Honey Butter by Mother's Intuition attracted me. I bought the prevention and the fading creams last December since I'm expecting to grow by January. I've been putting it on since then. Not religiously though. Lazy me!

My old stretchies aren't completely gone but they are fading little by little. I'm so happy!!! Oh, did I mention that the creams would also prevent itching? Very, very nice indeed! I'm only 6 months on the way so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Another thing that keeps my belly happy is the Baby Safe Bump Belt.

Keeps me comfortable and most importantly keeps the baby safe while I'm driving. I was able to use this during our Tagaytay road trip last December. What's so great about it is that it keeps the seatbelt low and not lying directly on the baby. Thus, if an impact would strike, the seatbelt would protect the mother but wouldn't harm the baby inside. Pretty cool huh!

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