Saturday, October 4, 2008


- This is a picture of Jack Jack in the monitor while I am hanging up the clothes to dry while there are other clothes loaded in the washing machine.

I love multitasking. Sometimes it makes you start doing tasks and end up finishing nothing; but if you plan it carefully, you will end up finishing all or most of your tasks.

Here are some multitasking ideas:

1. Brushing my teetch while conditioning my hair.
2. Washing the dishes while cooking.
3. Pressing clothes while watching TV.
4. Resting/sleeping while breastfeeding.
5. Driving while texting eating drinking water combing my hair putting on make-up breastfeeding practicing my chest circles.
6. Eating while blogging - See this one helps me avoid eating too much because it slows me down.
7. Reading a book/magazine in the bathroom doing number 2.

There number of things you can do simultaneously if you are up to it.

This is a scheduled post. The family is going out of town. I'll post pictures and details soon. We will be back here in Manila tomorrow night.

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