Thursday, October 23, 2008

Save the World while Breastfeeding

I've always wanted doing something for the world. Not world peace! But yeah, if it's possible. In my own little ways, at least I try. Breastfeeding, I believe would be one of them. Let me just explain how.

Breastfeeding fights disease in impoverished regions. We all know the many benefits of breastmilk in terms of the child's health. Thus, helping families avoid paying for doctor's or hospital bills. I believe that the following quote would best describe it.

Breastfeeding is a natural "safety net" against the worst effects of poverty. If the child survives the first month of life (the most dangerous period of childhood) then for the next four months or so, exclusive breastfeeding goes a long way toward canceling out the health difference between being born into poverty and being born into affluence .... It is almost as if breastfeeding takes the infant out of poverty for those first few months in order to give the child a fairer start in life and compensate for the injustice of the world into which it was born.

-James P. Grant, former executive director of UNICEF

Purchasing formula can drive families into poverty. Breastfeeding is free. I'm sure I'm speaking for everybody when I say, "The best things in life is free." Do you know how much a can of formula can cost? Well, let's just say you'll need to spend about Php1,000 per week. Need I say more?

Breastfeeding is a form of natural birth control/child spacer. If you are to exclusively breastfeed, you are practically on birth control up to the eighth month. La Leche League's Breastfeeding Answer Book cites an estimate that if all breastfeeding were to stop, within a year there would be a 20 to 30 percent rise in the birthrate worldwide.

Breastfeeding uses fewer natural resources. Manufacturing formula milk would need resources for manufacturing, packaging, and transport. Breastfeeding uses far less natural resources than formula feeding.

The gist here is that Breast is Best as anybody in the breastfeeding community would say. Choosing between breastmilk and formula is a no-brainer.

I can make babies fat. What's your super power?!

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