Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nursing In Public

With 5 1/2 months exclusively breastfeeding, I can't say exactly that I'm the expert when nursing in public. And really, I would prefer the privacy of my own home than doing it in public. But do I have a choice when we're out? Do I have to compromise Jack Jack's health by giving him formula when we're out? Or lock myself indoors until he weans? Hell no!

When it comes to breastfeeding, shame isn't in my dictionary. No, I don't flash my boobies ala Mardigras. I do cover myself up. I think hubby's the one who's more conscious when I do this in public. He's the one who would try to put layers and layers of fabric on me. He actually thinks the sling is a genius! Jack Jack doesn't like this though. He doesn't like anything on his face - feeding or not.

Truth is, nobody knows exactly what you're doing until you start being conscious. When I nurse in public, I try my best not to look at anybody else around me. Ofcourse, if someone takes the front row seats watching the show, I'd be charging!

Anyways, here are some tools you can use when nursing in public:

* Sling or nursing bib. I prefer the sling because it has many uses. I can carry the baby with it.
* Nursing Top. I have one and it seems helpful because it is built for nursing. Very expensive though.
* Tube top. I have 8 of this I guess. I put them inside any top you want. When nursing time comes, your stomach and the skin below your breasts would be covered. Any top can be a nursing top!
* Nursing Bra. Before giving birth, I only have 2 because I thought I wouldn't be able to use it. Currently, I have 6. I don't really like wearing them because it limits me to use tops that wouldn't show the bra strap. I don't have access to nursing bras that have slimmer straps, strapless or transparent straps. Urgh!

Images from Baby Blues.

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