Monday, December 15, 2008

Month 7

Height: 65 centimeters
Weight: 7.2 kilograms

* He is now starting to learn to walk. He walks backwards.

* As far as I know, he has just started taking solids (mashed potatoes). Unless, somebody else has given him solids without my knowledge. However, it appears to me that he's not yet ready to take solids.

* He can easily pull himself up. Hold his hands while he is lying down and he will pull himself up.

* He responds to his name when called.

* He sometimes sleeps on his own when he is placed in his crib.

* Super talkative. When everybody else is talking, he wants to talk also.

* Holds his feeder up while eating. Slams it on the table when he's done.

* Holds his head up during nursing - like he is sitting up but not for long.

* He can now sit up but just for a moment.

* He once looked at Portia when her name was mentioned.

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