Thursday, January 15, 2009

Month 8

Height: 70 cm.
Weight: 8 kg.
Food: Breastmilk, potatoes, carrots, bananas and grapes.

* He just erupted his first two lower front teeth and two upper front teeth.

* He said "P-pa-pa-pa!"

* Sits up from reaching a toy.

* I can now carry him without supporting his back but he's still leaning on me for support.

* He can stand up from a sitting position using his hands but still needs assistance.

* I didn't notice until now - he can burp on his own.

* Once he said, "Baby!" upon seeing hi cousin Janine.

* Talks loudly when everyone else is talking.

* Crawls to Mama for nursing.

* Drinks from his sippy cup.

* He can stay in the standing position while using his hands for support. His palms get sweaty from doing this. Nervous perhaps?

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