Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nursing Confusion

Currently, I have 6 nursing bras and I wish to add more to that since I use it on a daily basis. However, I wanted something cheaper than the usual nursing bras you see in malls so I went to Greenhills for a search (a little bird told me there's a seller somewhere here).

I found two sellers. The first one didn't have my size - only the itsy bitsy size for me. The smallest they have is 36. The second one, I found from the thousands, I think, scattered tiange's outside and after a massive search (yeah, there's plenty of them brassiere sellers), I got my size. I bought three for P150 each!

Anyways, there's really this funny thing that happened there:

SA: (while searching for my size) Nursing student ka ba? (Are you a nursing student?)

Me: (Whaaa??!) Ay, hindi. (No.)

Maybe there is a connection between the nursing course and breastfeeding. Or maybe I seem to look like a student. What do you think?

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