Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Sleepover

The thought of sleeping without Jack Jack with me seems to be refreshing. I have been wishing for a very long uninterrupted sleep. Then I just decided to just do it. I asked my Mom to have Jack Jack sleepover. I was so excited at first but when it was time to leave him behind sadness struck us (including hubby).

It is pretty weird but now I kind of understand what the big deal is when friends or former colleagues would tell me that they miss their babies or kids. Why they are so in a hurry to go home. See, I don't usually leave my baby behind. He's always with me.

That night, I did not get the good sleep I planned. Instead, I had to pump in the middle of the night because of engorgement and to help maintain my milk supply.

It was just for one night but I feel like I have been away from him longer than that. The next day, I was so giddy to get to my Mom's place to see Jack Jack again. He seems to miss me too as we nursed the minute we met.

Looks like I wouldn't be wishing for a long sleep anymore and embrace the sleep deprived life.

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