Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hello and Goodbye

You wouldn't believe what just happened yesterday. My mom received a letter for me. When I opened it, it says that I won a cellphone!!! Woohoo! I am never lucky with raffles so just imagine my surprise when I read the letter. My mom already told me that I could have won something because why else would I get a letter from a grocery store?

I used to think that filling up raffle entry coupons are scams but I fill them up anyways for the heck of it. Why a scam? Well, I just happen to notice that everytime I drop my coupons for any raffle, I would later (within a week's span) receive a call that I won something. Then they would ask you to come to their office to claim the "prize" after going through a 2-3 hours of seminar from them asking you to buy something. Anyways, you'd still get the "prize" even if you don't buy but I just think that their way of getting your attention is dirty and it's a waste of time.

So there. I got my new phone. I took a picture of it for sentimental reasons. Now, it's for sale even though I am so tempted to keep it because of it's slick appearance and sliding capability. It's brand new, with Nokia warranty, handsfree headset, battery, charger and user manual. Anyone interested? Give me a shout!

UPDATE (May 28, 2009): This phone has been sold. Easy come, easy go!

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