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Jack Jack's First Birthday - Part 2

We were hesitant at first to have a celebration for Jack Jack's birthday. I was thinking something like just a small dinner for family and close friends but this is his first birthday. It has to be a bit big. We decided it would be just an adult affair because I'm not sure how I would be able to handle kids without a party planner. However, we changed our minds later on and added a few games. I am aware we change minds a lot!

Now, that we're past the worst blunder in history, I can now move on to my great suppliers. Well, those idiots make ok look great. Ha!

Customized Cake: Icings n' Sprinkles (formerly Cake Craft) by Miss Ana Baluyut

Miss Ana's nice. Not super-feeling-close-nice, but nice enough business wise. I was eyeing Miss Emily Uy's cake but she's not available for my event na.

Ana said the cake would last for about 4 days. I didn't get to taste or even the touch the cake up until the 4th day without refrigerating so I'm not sure if the cake is supposed to be bitter already. Not bad for it's price. Cravings already has a cake included with the ammenities but I want a themed cake. I'm happy of how it looked like.

Photographer: My Focal Point

Chris is my favorite supplier. I got a good deal from their promo and on top of that, I was able to refer a friend which entitles both of us for another promo. The venue provided a screen for the projector but I wasn't sure if I would be able to create the AVP on top of all the DIY projects I am planning. When I booked My Focal Point as my photographer, I was so happy to find out that the package includes AVP!

Projector: Tita Ninang Doc Au

One of our Principal Sponsors during our wedding. She also partly co-hosted the event. Thanks for lending us your projector. Muah!

Host: Tita Ninang Doctin

She's got to be my bestest sister of all. She's also Jack Jack's sponsor during his baptism last year. Like I said above, we just wanted a simple celebration. Even if it's just food that we offer to our guests, we'd be happy with it. Since this is a kiddie party, we couldn't help but have games for everybody. I told her to just explain the balloon burst game and that would be it. But then, they wanted to add more games and that just stuck her on the stage. To the best sis, thanks so much!

Jack Jack's Costume:

I was almost going to give up looking if I won't be able to find someone to make it for him. Actually, I found them but it's too pricey. This costume is like a needle in a haystack. It took me a while before I found it. It also includes a mask but then I wish you luck that it is going to stay on Jack Jack for even 5 seconds.

It was a bit big when I got it so my Mom just altered the size - just like what she does to some of the clothes from MIL that needs alteration.

Balloon Burst: Harlequin Party Specialists

I planned on including this and the pinata as another DIY project. But it became way out of my capabilities. Not to mention out of time so I contacted a balloon supplier within Quezon City to do both for me 5 days before the event. I wanted to have one supplier for both to minimize work. We have agreed on the price over the phone and he kept on saying he would be able to get an Incredibles pinata (I agreed on his overpriced balloon burst and pinata rent because I know that I'm out of time). Everyday, I kept on checking on him and he kept on saying he'd call me the next day. 2 days before the event, he said he can't find an Incredibles pinata. He can only give me.... guess what? .... Batman! Huwaaat?!! I know that I ordered really late but because he kept on leading me, I lost more time pa.

Rochelle from GirlTalk recommended Cherrie but she's not available for my event anymore. I felt bad because her balloon burst is the cheapest I've heard. Two days to go and I'm panicking, of course.

I was lucky to find Harlequin through They gave me a good enough deal for the Balloon Burst for 3 feet and 60 balloons inside. It's their smallest balloon, by the way.

Pinata: Dominic's Balloon Design Plus

Here's another supplier I found from I was hoping that I would get the same supplier for this and the balloon burst but given my time limit, I couldn't find another supplier. I wasn't expecting on finding an Incredibles themed pinata anymore and I am just hoping I'd find something that's plain red or black then I'd try to glue an Incredibles image or just let it be plain. So imagine how I almost fell from my seat when these guys told me that they have a Mr. Incredibles pinata! I picked it up the same day so I could fill it with the prizes.

SIL helped me fill it with the prizes along with the shredded papers I did the day before. The papers I used were from brochures and old glossy magazines. I think it would have been better if I used the japanese paper because it was lighter in weight. The funny thing is that there was too much prizes in it that it got stuck when we pulled the string. The prizes didn't fall right away. It was only after a little bit of poking and shaking the thing that made it give away.

Stage Backdrop:

Here's how the tarpaulin looked like on stage.


The tarpaulin stand I got from National Bookstore. It took me a while before I was able to find this stand. Maybe their SA's doesn't care if the will make a sale or not. They kept on pointing who is responsible for the tarpaulin stand and saying that "maybe" they don't have it in stock without me seeing anybody looking for it from their racks (which is unruly) or computers. So I asked them why they are saying it's out of stock when no one's looking for it? Does everyone of them know the exact quantity of their item on hand? My bitching paid off because one of them started to look for the tarpaulin stand. :P

Table Decor:

Activities: DIY

Another project that I did. I just downloaded them from the internet and printed them. Bought sets of crayola. The table centerpiece I made also because activities for both adults and kids.

Eye Masks:

I planned on giving out black masks to kids at the start of my party planning. I scratched it off later on because I couldn't find them (or maybe I didn't look hard enough). I found these at the last minute of the preps only that it is colored red instead of black.


From the pinata

Too bad I wasn't able to take pictures of all the prizes. I even have an early bird prize na DVD. Also, hindi nagsetup ng prize table, lootbag and souvenir table yung venue as agreed.

Images are from My Focal Point.

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