Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The A(H1N1) scare

Who's not scared anyways? Currently, this has been the talk of the town since the flu has spread exponentially here in the Philippines. It's not even a month since they found one who got sick from it and look at how many people infected already.

You will think how it has spread so fast in so little time but I guess just like in any situation information is your best weapon. Thus, with my online best friend, Google, I searched for something that has the complete information.

I found a booklet over at The D Spot which appears complete to me without my ears or nose bleeding from any medical jargons. The booklet originally came from UN and it's like the A(H1N1) for Dummies book. Hehe!

I'm scared for Jack Jack if any of us in the house would be infected by the flu. Lately, we've stocked on vitamins and I went back to taking my Natalac capsules. Mind you that Natalac is not only for lactation purposes but for stocking up on Iron as well. You can download the booklet from clicking the image above.

If you are encountering errors from the download, just let me know.

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