Saturday, June 6, 2009

Baby Proofing

Since it is summer, Jack Jack and I are spending most of our time inside the bedroom. We need the air conditioning to counter the heat. I'm telling you this kid sweats like crazy. He plays a little, he sweats. He nurses a little, he sweats. Aaargh... How come he didn't take it from me - I don't sweat much.

Anyways, since we're spending so much time in the room, most of his toys are there as well. It sometimes feels like a tornado just hit us that it's not only toys you would see scattered on the floor. I'd be happy to list it one by one but it would take me a day to list them all.

Jack Jack likes to crawl/walk around nonstop that we have placed carpets and rubber mats around the bed. We've also attached foams on the bed corners so it won't hurt as much should he accidentally bump his head. Technically, the room's not yet 100% baby proof. We still need to do something about the plug, the air conditioning unit, wires and cabinet doors.

I'm liking the items from this site. I just hope I could find them here cheaper. A little bit of foam, duct tape and staples does the job (but you have to sacrifice how it looks like) but for some it really needs to be designed for child proofing purposes.

Currently, I'm waiting for the malls to go on sale. Here are two items on my wishlist:

There are still other stuff I need to baby proof like the trash can, electrical wires and the drawer cabinet (this might fall on him if he climbs on it) but I don't know how to (without buying childproofing stuff). I can't possibly have my 100% attention on him 24/7. Can somebody please tell me how?

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  1. All great tips! Another thing I just saw is that they now make fire-preventing outlets. Someone recommended them to me and it is just one less thing you have to worry about happening in your house. Another tip I received is to get on your child’s level and crawl around your house to see the room how they see it. Sounds ridiculous but it is helpful. Good luck!


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