Friday, June 12, 2009

Regular Poop

Here's our new boss...

Actually, I would normally give Jack Jack a massage when he misses a scheduled poop. He would usually poop once or twice a day. I do not enjoy diaper changing like before but if he misses one, it isn't really a good sign. The massage would be on his stomach using my thumb in a clockwise direction.

Another way to encourage bowel movement for him is to exercise his legs. With Jack Jack lying on his back, I would raise his legs alternately - like he is riding a bicycle.

If none of these work, I would give him prune juice. I hate how this tastes that's why it is the last thing I try.

Recently, I do not have any problems with his BM except that he would usually wake me up in the morning sitting on my face with a funny smell. Guess what that means?


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