Monday, June 8, 2009


Technically, I do not know what the exact word to call them without cursing. I have nothing against marketing but I think what they do here is just plain dirty. It is possibly a virus the send to people out there hidden in a link. They will send it through chat. You will probably receive it from one of your friends. Now, this link of course you will click, which is a big mistake. Because, without your knowledge, you will be sending the same message, with the same link to all of your contacts in your Yahoo Messenger, AOL or Windows Live Messenger. It is just annoying!

Anyways, my sister went online at almost 3 AM in the morning (No, don't ask me why I'm still up!) so I asked her why she is up (when she's already finished BOF - this is another story). Then she sent me a similar message with the link. I know at that instance that she might have clicked the link some time ago so I immediately changed her password. I'm not sure if that's going to help at all. I just got pissed by the incident.

After changing the password, I logged into her email account to look around if there are any damage done to it. It surprised me to see a different name in there that I thought I logged into the wrong account. I checked and saw the account is right but her Profile has been changed. Her name became Andrea Maddox, 20, from Norfolk, Virginia with the nick ShoppingFlower2k8. This is probably not his/her real name but it's just amazing what people would do to market their product or damage your computer - whatever their intention is.

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