Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Starting Solids

I started giving Jack Jack solids at around 7 or 8 months. I wasn’t in any hurry. I knew my milk would be enough. Besides, I cannot find (from research) a good reason for me to start feeling him solids early. Actually, around 7 to 8 months was the time I saw his readiness for solids.

So, yeah! Being my stubborn self, my Mom and I used to debate on what to give and what not to give. She was talking from experience and I was talking from the latest research.

Jack Jack would practically open his mouth for anything that you offer him. Potato, squash, banana, carrot, sweet potato, cauliflower, broccoli and most especially, avocado.

Anyways, after a while, he would refuse everything but cereals. And lately, I would need to get him to laugh or play with me before he opens his mouth. If he does open his mouth for a bite, he would taste it for a while then push it out with his tongue. So much for all the work that’s been done! Anyways, after a few more bites and playing around, he would swallow the food without pushing anything out.

At least now he’s eating it. I’m pretty much adjusting his cereals intake. I mix it with other fruits or vegetables just so he would think it is just cereals and gradually adjusting it to be more food than cereals until he can eat the food without cereals.

Another problem I’m trying to solve is his ability to screen the food that is put in his mouth. If the mashed food is anything bigger than the usual size, he would push it out. It seems like he’s got a built-in strainer in his mouth. I try to mash the food to as small as it can be. Or sometimes if I get lucky, he swallows it anyways.

He now has 4 upper and 4 lower teeth for biting. I’m thinking it could be his reflex that makes him push out bigger pieces of food since he can’t chew it yet. However, how come he likes munching on biscuits?

From an article I read before (sorry, I can’t remember where), it says that at his age, he wants to feed himself. This is probably why he’s got this much appetite on biscuits. So, I tried to place the spoon on his hand with the food and he put it in his mouth. Yay! I’m not sure if I am ready for some really messy Jack Jack but I guess I am willing to try.

I’m still looking for other ways to encourage him to eat more “people food”. I am also trying to feed him solids at least an hour after our nursing sessions just to ensure he isn’t so full from it.

If you have any suggestions for me (I hope), violent reactions, comments, I’m very interested to hear it.

Super thanks to my Mom for her patience with me and Jack Jack and Crizzny for lots of inputs on feeding.

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