Friday, July 3, 2009

While You're Breastfeeding or Pumping

If you've been breastfeeding for a while, it sometimes gets boring if you're just watching your baby nurse. This proves to be true for WAHM like me, who nurses their babies directly everyday. It's a different situation for Working Moms though. When you're nursing, it doesn't mean that you can't do anything else. Woman are known for their skill in multitasking, huh!

Here's a list of the things that I enjoy doing while nursing. Please don't get shocked if some items are a bit odd:

Sleeping. This is just about my favorite. This is one of the advantages of nursing your baby. Mommy gets to sleep! How great is that?

Watch Baby Sleep. This goes before sleeping because I get sleepy when I watch Jack Jack sleep. I know I mentioned that this sometimes bores me. I said "sometimes" so most of the time, it just amuses me that sometimes, I don't want to put him down even if he's already asleep and content.

Eat. Nursing your baby will definitely double (or sometime triple) your appetite so don't starve yourself. Eat and drink when you are hungry or thirsty.

Pump while nursing or nurse while pumping. This will help you increase your milk supply and also increase your stored milk for when times you need to leave baby or when you need to go back to work. This will start to be a challenge on the fifth month where all the curiousity starts.

Watch TV. I really enjoy doing this because there's not much moving involved except when you need to change the channel.

Read a book or listen to an audio book. For real books, this is a bit challenging when changing the page but it's possible.

Sing. No, I don't sing like how I sing in the shower (you get the picture?!). I sing baby songs or nursery songs or whatever you call those slow songs.

Surf the net/Chat. One of my favorites but it's really difficult to use only one hand for the keyboard.

Play games on my phone/Text. This has gotten me through the first weeks of Jack Jack.

Make a To Do/Grocery List. As long as I'm holding my phone, this one's a great help for me to remember things I need to do or buy.

Daydream. Don't you?

Talk on the phone. Great way to keep in touch with families and friends!

Travel/Walk Around. I can walk with baby nursing. It's also possible in a moving vehicle.

Do you think I'd get a ticket for driving while nursing? Haven't tried it though.



Or Yoga?!


  1. nice suggestions! :) i pretty much do all of those while breastfeeding. the most common being net surfing...but yeah it's hard to type with just one hand so i barely type anything heehee :)

  2. i'm glad you liked them. i'm still thinking about trying the last 3! hahaha!


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