Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Road kill

As we all know, everyday is a never ending roller-coaster ride. You're not always on the top. I feel a little bit in the bottom at the moment as I've experienced and heard some stuff that nobody would ever imagine real. Ironic that reality bites at times. Hits you in the head without any warning.

But then you know, I thank you. As you have made us stronger. We are lucky that you 'were' once in our lives and that you have chosen the path you have taken because everyday life gets a bit more challenging (and it won't be as challenging without you). There's nothing you can do but face it with all the courage you have. The weakest link usually gets booted out (once taught to me by someone very special in my heart). Nevertheless, there you were teaching us how cruel the world can be.

I know you have planned something for us on a very special day; although I must admit you should have pushed through. Too bad. Things could have turned out real great!

I was not really planning on posting something but I guess I just needed to let it out somehow. Which do you think is best? Please don't tell me to be real and say it face-to-face because I believe you prefer it this way from what I've seen.

I wish you all the best. If not me, I hope you find someone in life that would do the same good for you.


  1. Hi Carol,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a swweeet note! ;)

    Ey ey, I wanna see the pictures of your wedding! i love your gown inspirations and i so want to see what tita v. and niko made for you. :)

    * smoochies *

  2. hi carol...

    thanks for leaving me a sweeet note :)

    ey, i wanna see your wedding pics! like ko yun wedding inspirations mo and i'm so curious how was the gown tita v and niko made for you. :)

    * smoochies *


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