Thursday, March 22, 2007

On Being A Missus

So yeah... I am now a wifey to the man of my dreams! And it's legal! Wuhu!

Everything is so surreal. You are there but you feel like you're floating on air. Like cloud 9, actually!

There's one downside though. We work in totally different shifts. Ouch! Talk about less sleep...

The good news is that I get to go home earlier. Tidy up a little. Then I go to sleep. When he reaches home, he'll wake me up and then we'll have our dinner. It's quite difficult because I would prefer a longer sleep but then after dinner, we will sleep together.

The next day, I'll go to work early. Take lunch at home with Jojo then continue my work.

Pretty weird setup but it works pretty cool for me!

Obviously, this is my first post. This blog is still a mess. I need to make a lot of changes for this site pa. I also want to post pictures of our little love nest but our digicam was borrowed by my sister.

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