Friday, March 23, 2007

Third Week

Tomorrow's going to be our Third Week Anniversary. Nothing special. I guess we'll just go home to our families but would probably meet at night to go back to our place.

I can't describe how my work is right now. Calls are getting in slow. I have at most two hours of idleness before I get to do something. It's cool that there's not much work but it is nakakabobo. No raise yet... still working on my scores to get finalized.

Also planning on attending my belly dancing class tomorrow but I feel a bit tired and want to sleep longer tomorrow. Not to mention that this blogging thing is addicting! I'll know what I would do when I get up tomorrow. Oooohh... They have a new website!!!

I'm currently finding out a way to change how this blog looks like and HTML is driving me crazy...

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