Sunday, April 1, 2007

Thousands of Pictures!!!

Whoa! I know I would have a lot of pictures from Rene but I never thought it would be this much and this beautiful!

So we kind of spent almost 10 hours of viewing them yesterday. I should be able to post them sometime this week after picking out the best ones. Err.. here comes my confusion again. Everyone of them are the best. I like it all. How do you think I can fit some 2500+ of pictures in one album? Not possible at all.

Good luck to me!

Here's one favorite shot...

Picture by Rene Gaviola


  1. hi, sis! congratulations! you're right! you wouldn't fit all the wedding pics in one album. galing talaga ni rene, no? hubby & i super love him... enjoy married life!

    btw, i'll link you up ha!


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