Monday, April 2, 2007

Wedding Kwento Part 1 (Hotel Preps)

I have been trying so hard to complete this (with all the details and pics!) and be able to share it with other B2B's but things got real busy after the honeymoon. Besides that I went back to work, we are trying to enjoy our time together :D

So without further ado, here's the first part:

We checked in late at Edsa Shang. About 10 minutes before 4 PM I think. I won't recommend it but they upgraded our room from the 1 BR Suite ng Tower Wing to be the 1 BR Suite ng Garden Wing. Nice no?! Anyways, we needed to stay at another room to freshen up before we get to transfer to the 1 BR Suite which is ok though you won't be able to do anything much. We got to transfer at around 8PM na yata. So if you need to do something pa, you can't relax because you are always waiting for them to transfer you to the other room.

The night before, Nikko delivered the gown, my shoes and hairpiece. Wasn't very excited because I was still thinking of other stuff that needs my attention. But hey, when I saw the gown on the body form, it was so beautiful. Grabe! I fell in love with my gown! Hihihi!

I slept at around 2 AM. Bad! Wag po akong gagayahin.

I got up at 6:30 AM. Not much sleep because I was still trying to finish some more stuff. 7 AM was the call time for the MUA. They were there on the dot. I was still in the shower though - had to hurry...

By the time Ara started on me, I got nervous! I still haven't memorized my vows yet!

Around 8 AM Clarice's team is there already to pick up the stuff the would go to the church and reception.

9 AM, I think the Rene's team and the Threelogy are there already. They took shots of the wedding paraphernalia on the bed, couch, vanity table, everywhere! Wow! It's really here... This is not a dream anymore. It's coming to life!

At one time, Clarice's team pulled me at the hallway to teach me how to walk and how Dennis and my Mom would give me away. Mom was still with Ara so Dennis and I practiced with my sister.

Then lunch was served! There wasn't much room even if we got the 1 bedroom suite because of all the suppliers. I didn't know we needed that much space so I ate my lunch from the walk-in closet. :D

The guys took pictures and vids of our stuff... And then, I think somewhere around that time they went to the condo for Jojo's shots. We decided that he do his preps outside of Edsa Shang to avoid seeing each other and also to scrimp a little. :P And yeah... we didn't see each other since Thursday...

Then the next thing was to put my gown on. Wow! Ganda talaga ng gown ko! Magtaas ba ng sariling bangko?! But the gown won't zip up behind me... I gained weight? I don't really know. So my bra was tossed. Now it feels like something's poking my chest. Errr... how much weight did I gain? Then they removed the bone from the gown. Alas! I'm all set. Not! The beads at the back took some time to put on so there's like another 15 minutes to pin them. Nikko said that they couldn't find a body form as small as me so they need to sew the beads once I put it on. Here's how the back of the gown looks like:

Some more pictures/vids and we're walking through the hallway na. Nikko taught me how to walk (while kicking the skirt of the gown). Tricky!

Then he made me walk with my veil on the floor. Hey! Who's pulling my veil? Ulk.. that's actually how it felt like. Somebody's pulling your hair. I didn't know it would be that heavy. The veil was too light when you carry it but when you drag it, it's a whole different thing!

Before I knew it, we needed to go to the church already. At 1:30 PM, we went down sa lobby. Took more pictures and vids.

Oh hey, I think somebody stretched our bridal car. We didn't upgrade the car because it would cost too much. Originally it's an MB E220 (la lang!) so Yahu! They upgraded it to a 6-door MB!!! Not sure what is the exact model though. Oh well, it isn't so nice inside ... aircon isn't cool enough but I'm betting it looks so nice in pictures... Pwede na! Someone please tell me if this really is the 1995 MB E220.

Until the next part. Challenging pala gumawa nito... Hehe! Let me know if you have questions. ;)

Pictures by Rene Gaviola

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