Monday, May 21, 2007

My First Layout(s?)

I'm not sure if this is enough to call digiscrapping but hey, it's my first.

A shot of Constantine. Tina and Tone's firstborn baby boy.

I must be hooked to scrappin already as I didn't plan on doing the following layouts as well but here it is:

My family spent a night at our place last April 14. We did a little all nighter with my bro and her girl.

About the credits... can someone help me out how to put in credits for the creators of the kits? Thanks...


  1. what a cool layout!
    let me know if you need help on the credits though it's quite simple and no real set rule for this. :D

  2. Really? Can I not put in credits? Ahihihi! It's just dyahe for the guys who did the elements lang...

    So, how exactly do you do it?


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