Thursday, May 17, 2007


I went home to my parent’s house after work yesterday since it is Loli’s (my grandmother) death anniversary. May padasal sa bahay and a little bit of food (little bit, eh?!). Dennis (my younger brother), sent me an SMS. I think he wants to drop by our place but I told him I’m going home. He’ll wait for me na lang daw so we can go home together.

I get off work at 6 PM but I wanted to buy Tiramisu for Mama. After buying the cake, I was already on my way to pick up Dennis at Megamall. I asked him to drive. Tinatamad na kasi ako.

When we got on Edsa, I was thinking if it was a Wednesday because the pickup’s last digit on the plate number is 5.

Me: Di ba Wednesday ngayon?
Dennis: Yup.
Me: Di ba tayo coding?
Dennis: Ano ba plate number nito?
Me: 225.
Dennis: Langya ka. Kaya mo pala ko pinagdrive.
Me: Hindi ko alam no. Now ko lang din naalala.


Me: Ok lang. 7PM na naman e. Lifted na yung coding.
Dennis: Sigurado ka?
Me: Yata.

Hehehehe… Wala, naaliw lang ako. It’s just that we remembered the coding when it was exactly 7PM.

We reached our parent’s house before 8 PM. The temperature was so high. It felt like you’re being grilled. The summer heat is really dehydrating me na. There wasn’t much that happened (what could happen naman kasi sa padasal?) but I enjoyed seeing my family again. I miss them na. Everyone was looking for hubby but he’s still at work pa.

Ofcourse, nobody would ever forget to ask if I’m pregnan na. Thanks to all who asked. Ang press release, “Hindi pa po.” Race yata itech. Race sa delivery room. Mabagal daw kasi kami kaya nauunahan. Hihihihi!

I went home past 10 PM with a bagful of food. May kare-kare, lumpiang shanghai, chicken, pansit at minatamis na beans. Oh and don’t forget … isang bandehadong kanin. Para daw hindi na kami magsaing. Actually, I asked my Mom to pickup something I can cook from the market. Imagine how much food I’m bringing back. I feel like I ransacked their fridge!

Now, I am so looking forward to cooking the stuff I asked Mom to buy for me but first we need to finish the cooked food I brought home last night.

Naah! Gusto ko ng mongo!!! Magluluto ako ng mongo mamaya!!!

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