Monday, June 25, 2007

DIY Haircut

We got our hair done yesterday. Hubby did both. I told him I wanted mine layered at least and try to cut off 2 inches lang. My hair is almost reaching my waist na and I want to get rid of the split ends too. His naman, was skin-head. He said it’s been sometime since had his head shaved.

He used kuya’s shaver and voila! Kalbo na!

To get the layered effect, I looked up a little and stayed that way. I made him comb my hair para lahat mahila. Then he trimmed the ends away. Medyo kangawit and beware of stiff neck kapag medyo mabagal gumupit ang tagagupit mo.

Will post pictures soon! Si hubby lang naman ang may matinding pagbabago.

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