Thursday, August 9, 2007

Good Night

I was half asleep last night when I was awakened by a tug. Si hubby pala. Hindi it Rated R ha! Anyways, I always sleep right after dinner since my shift starts at like 5 AM (Just like Misa de Gallo. Hehehehe!). And if I didn’t catch an afternoon nap (which usually lasts 4 hours minimum), I should be asleep by 9 PM. Otherwise, it would be a really good night's sleep for me. Loooong good night!

I kept pretending that I’m sleeping because he told me over dinner that he slept on my stomach daw the other night. And he did! He kept on twisting and moving around my side – maybe trying to find out how else he could sleep. He pulled the comforter over my feet and up to my neck (I can get cold easily and he does not!) and with him outside the comforter, he hugged me. Sarap. Para kong suman. Tapos he kept on saying "I love you" - to which I was tried my very best not to say I love you back but I don't want to. Kasi I wanted to know what he would do next. Hehehe! Ayun lang, and I went back to sleep ulit.

I just could not believe that I slept like a baby the other night. I can’t remember waking up. It feels so good to think that he was doing that while I'm sleeping.

I slept VERY WELL, by the way...

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