Tuesday, October 2, 2007

After 48 Years....

Uu... matagal na nga. Syempre naipon na ang kwento ko.

It's pretty weird that I have to leave something behind because it is not healthy for me anymore. Kaya medyo depressed ang lola mo. Not really that depressed sa dami ng projects na naka-line-up. Ang dami ko kayang balak ayusin sa bahay and also to finally get my very own Chihuahua. For more than a year, I've been educating myself about this breed. And you know what? We are so compatible. I was also contemplating on joining the Belly Fest that will be held this coming December.

September 15: The thing is... I was a week delayed - quite normal for me when there is a sudden change with the weather. I was even drinking that night with hubby. La lang. Just something we got used to doing whenever we feel like it.

September 16: I told hubby I'd be doing a preggy test this morning. I started keeping PT's at home since we started trying for a baby so I can quickly stop anything bad for the baby once it is confirmed. And it's positive! I just couldn't believe it! I only have one PT left and we want to make sure. I told hubby and made sure he wouldn't go ballistic by saying I'm not sure yet. I remembered my recent lunch outs with officemates and how much pigging out we were ALL doing so I thought it was normal.

After buying two more PT's of different brands and testing positive, we both called our family to deliver the good news.

Nakaka-touch ang mga paalala... ingatan ko daw. Bawal ang ganito at ganyan... baka magkamemory gap?!! Hihihi!

Goodbye beer! Goodbye alcohol! Goodbye coffee! Goodbye bad habits! And the worst I had to say goodbye to (but it's just for a while.... mwahahaha!)... Belly Dancing!!! Huhuhuhu! Pano na ko magrecital nyan?!! Ganito kaya?

Anyways, once I get to have my OB she'll let me know if I should continue or not dancing... (cross your fingers! - and toes!). From what I've read, it should be safe to do dancing or excercising even if you're pregnant as this will make your body healthy and also to strengthen your abdomen muscles during birth. Much more safe if your body is used to doing those stuff.

The week before last, we went to Tita Ninang for a check-up. Hubby's still at work so only Mom and sis can go with me. Technically, I was 6 weeks preggy na pala. It wasn't that strong but we got to hear the baby's heartbeat na. I couldn't explain how I felt when I heard those little beats. It's mixed feelings I guess. Fear and joy at the same time. I recorded the sound but the stupid AMR format wouldn't play on my laptop! Grrr... Anyways, I can play it from my phone... over and over...

My LMP was August 8 so technically, my expected due date would be May 14. Hindi kaya kami maging magkabirthday ng baby ko? Hehe!

Tita Ninang gave me vitamins as she said this would make the heartbeats stronger. I'm also drinking milk now and sorry to say it made me gassy... Eeeww... Lactose intolerant kasi.

During the first week that I was detoxifying myself, may sipon ako na super bigat. I would sneeze like my back's going to break. I also gained weight which is possibly the reason why my feet is starting to hurt. Normally, I weigh 88-90 lbs. Yes, underweight po ako... I now weigh 95-98 lbs.

But these last few days, I think my body's adjusted to the detoxifying changes I did.

Dropped by Powerbooks the other week and picked up this book. I found it really, really helpful and entertaining because of the pictures... hehehe! Hubby is very excited and he's also reading some sections of the book. If everybody's excited, I believe nobody would be more excited than me. I am already thinking about a lot of stuff for the baby.

With the sudden change of plans, I'm still unsure about what I'm going to do but to just enjoy every moment of it.


  1. wow congratulations to u and jojo :) hope to hear more preggy kwentos from u later on. take care ha tska wag matigas ulo. :D


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