Thursday, February 14, 2008

Week 27 Pregnancy Tip

Too late!

I got this from my email just today. I hope I've seen it before we went to Dumaguete the other week. Oh well, doesn't hurt to post it. It might help other preggers like me who could be planning their summer vacations. I did mine earlier because it would be harder for me to move in the next few months.

There are additional safety issues to consider when traveling during your pregnancy, especially when flying. Most airlines will allow you to travel through your eighth month, and the ninth month with a doctor's written permission. Check with your health care provider the week before you travel and keep the following safety issues in mind when traveling during your pregnancy:

1. Deep vein thrombosis - This is when the blood clots in a deep leg vein. Complications occur when a clot breaks away from the wall of the vein to which it is attached and travels through the blood stream to the heart or lungs. Wear support hose while in flight and walk around as much as possible to promote circulation.

2. Airplane seat belts - Be sure to wear the airplanes seat belt low across your hips and not over your abdomen as this may increase pressure on the baby and cause harm.

3. Good hydration - Bring plenty of water to drink. The low humidity in airplane cabins has a dehydrating effect. Getting plenty of fluids may also reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis.

I wasn't aware of the Deep vein thrombosis until now. The other two I have been practicing eversince I learned about the growing baby inside me.

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