Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Portia: the Actress

You think you can get away with these looks? Think again...

Can you say no to that?

Apparently, you will end up picking her up and placing her on your lap.

And then you're trapped! Turns out you can't move from your place because it will break your heart when she makes a silent howl that indicates you have disturbed her then goes back to sleep. I have been trying so hard to upload the videos since Saturday but it seems that YouTube isn't on my side.

Works so effectively for hubby and I. We can't seem to bear doing all these antics - most especially for hubby. She also sleeps with us on the bed - I'm not sure how she manages to avoid being rolled on by hubby or me...

Don't worry though. She makes cute hiccup sounds when she's dreaming. She snores, too. Really cute...

I'll try to upload the videos when I can.

1 comment:

  1. Ewan ko ba sis, pero si martha ganyan din gawain. meron din sya sarili bed pero mas gusto nya matulog na katabi kami ni hubby. kagaya ni portia, nagiisnore din sya tapos minsan pag nanaginip may tadyak pang kasama and pag iyak. hehehe.


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