Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sleeping through the night

For my first birthday as a mother, I talked to Jack Jack. I told him my only wish would be to have a decent sleep. Guess what? I didn't get to sleep that night. Unless you would consider napping as sleeping. :P

Anyways, until now I can't really say that he's already sleeping through the night but it's easier now. At least, I've gotten rid of the really sleepless nights where I don't know what he wants and what to do. Now, Jack Jack's shortest sleep would be 2-3 hours! Hooray! Before it was 30 minutes. Imagine the headache!

Portia's also happy because she can sleep on the bed, too!


  1. mare, sobrang kamukha mo! hahaha!

  2. thanks! si portia o si julian?! LOL!

  3. heheh both? haha.. if u have time pom, im tagging u :)

  4. how old na nga ulit ang baby mo? mine just turned 7 months today :) the 13th.

    it will get easier. once humahaba na ang waking hours nya sa daytime, magsisimula na yang matulog ng mahaba haba sa night time. sa ngayon we wake up for 15-30 mins twice a night for milk siguro kasi nauuhaw sya, not necessarily gutom. kasi konti lang binibigay namin sa gabi ngayon satisfied pa rin sya.

    kasama rin namin sa kama ang aming doggie na si samson :)

  5. yep.. julian is more than 4 months now. mas mahaba na sya matulog after reaching 2 months. now, the shortest is 8 hours. last night it's 16 hours! with feeding breaks every 2 hours naman. sibak kami mamaya. hehehe! sana matulog


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