Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jack Jack's Baptism - The Preps

(As if there was so much preparation that happened!)I have been wanting to post a topic on Jack Jack's baptism and I'm so glad I get to start it right now. It wasn't planned at all since we didn't have the budget to host a party right after paying for the hospital bills. However, we decided it would be best to move houses - which led to us having the baptism earlier than planned (from what the elders say, the baby needs to be baptized before moving). So, here goes the week-long(?) preparation with a very tight budget.

I made the layouts for the souvenirs and candles:

Then they were put into the frame and candles:

Then his outfit - barong tagalog! Tadaaa!

The church, caterer, barong, souvenirs and candles were prepared mostly by my Mom and sister. Whew! I didn't do much since Jack Jack is already driving me crazy.

On the funny side while looking for a church, I thought of inquiring baptism from our wedding church. I asked if they have "special" baptism. The lady answered, "Lahat ng binyag namin special." (This church helds only special baptisms.) I almost booked the church only if it weren't overpriced. Hehehe!

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