Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jack Jack's Baptism - Welcome to the Christian World!

"Finally!" That's what I thought when the the day came to us. I just want it to be done and over with. After that, Jack Jack's going to be a full-pledged Christian.

Anyhoo, we started the day really, really early. As in 7AM, I think - yes, this is really, really early for us! I took pictures of all the paraphernalias the day before and bagged everything that would be needed - before, during and after the ceremonies. Well, we didn't get an official photographer for this so... From careful planning, we got to the church on time. I chose the 11:30 AM slot since it is the latest. 10 AM was the earliest. It's the "special" ceremony where only one child would be baptized. There's this saying that after the baptismal rites, the child baptized would race the other children baptized outside the church - and I don't know why. So I didn't want that. Besides, I don't want too much crowd in the altar during picture taking. Haha!

Jack Jack was well-behaved during the ceremony. Looking curiously (and sometimes responding!) to the priest. This scared me because the time that he broke out crying was when we were clothing him - only to find out that this should be. My Mom said that the other mothers would even pinch the baby to cry! What?!!

I will try to upload the 15 minute video of the whole ceremony. In the mean time, here are some of the pictures.

Jack Jack's after picture:

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