Sunday, November 30, 2008

Car Sick

The other day, I took Portia and Rocky to the vet. This is the second time they went to the vet together. The first time was three weeks ago. We just got Rocky the night before and I wanted him checked and vaccinated. I took Portia along to have her checked also and her vaccines are about the expire as well but I was surprised to find out that Rocky's healthier than she is. While they gave Rocky his shots, Portia was prescribed with antibiotics and vitamins.

This recent visit to the vet, both were healthy and the shots we're given to them. I should take them back there after two weeks. My only problem is that Rocky's got motion sickness. I wasn't aware of that being possible with dogs but then Rocky is car sick. My heart was breaking on our way to the vet since he kept on salivating and crying at the backseat. He kept on making his way in front of the car but I just don't want him there as I am driving. I was thankful we got there safely and without any traffic incident but I was covered in Rocky's breakfast that morning.

Anyways, the way back home was better - except Portia who was dying of jealousy inside her carrier. Rocky layed on my lap while I was driving - still salivating - with his head on my left arm. He fell asleep on the later part of the trip. Awww...

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