Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nursing in Public 2

In continuation of my post the other day, I'd like to post about where it is most "safe" to breastfeed while you are in public. I'm not saying you'd be shot out of breastfeeding but I'd like to say safe to have your boobies out own privacy even if you're away from home. It's difficult for me to nurse when I don't feel confident about myself or if I feel that somebody's watching and I'm pretty sure most mothers feel the same way too. I've heard several horror stories on public breastfeeding in the US and I'm so glad there's none of which here in Manila. Technically, nursing in public in other countries poses indecency issues with their law making it hard for breastfeeding mothers to go out without offering expressed milk in a bottle.

Nursing stations in malls. All SM Malls have nursing stations. I haven't been into any one of them so I couldn't really compare. I've only been to Rustan's Makati and it's fabulosity! The place was so cozy. I've heard that it's the best though. (*wink!)

Fitting rooms. Technically, you can ask the sales assistants in malls for this even if you're not buying. I haven't encountered anyone who refused me of this. One of them actually brought me a chair. Apparently, she was also a breastfeeding mom!

Restaurants. This is my favorite place. At least both me and Jack Jack get to eat! Yum!

Car. During Jack Jack's first few months, this is the only option I can think of on where to go should I need to nurse outside. It works so well for me since I always bring a car with me when I'm with Jack Jack. At least now I've got other options should I be commuting. I feel pretty much confident when in the car since I can have the privacy I want. The funny thing is when the car is moving. There's this tugging feeling ofcourse unless Jack Jack is in a sling.

Nursing in a Bus. Pretty cool, huh? Well, I haven't tried that but I've tried nursing in a car (see above). I'm pretty sure it's the same in any moving vehicle.

Now, don't be scared to nurse in public. Just be confident. They won't even know you're doing it unless you tell them you are. I am still on the verge of trying to breastfeed in a sling while walking. I'm just curious how it would feel. The problem is that Jack Jack is now hating anything on his face while nursing. Danger, danger!

Oooohh... I soo love breastfeeding. No bottles, no formula, no hot water to bring. Not to mention I'm 100% sure the milk is melamine free!

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