Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Milk Blister

I thought our breastfeeding challenges are over when I passed Jack Jack's 2 months. The other night I noticed that the half part of my right breast is as hard as a rock. I call them "yema". I massaged, nursed, hot showered, hot compressed, pumped and prayed but it never softened. It hurt so much that I couldn't burp Jack Jack in the upright position cause it felt like he was kicking my chest. Massaging it was even worse than my birth contractions (mind you that I have this really high pain tolerance!). Also, this isn't the normal breastfeeding pain.

I thought about asking help from The Breastfeeding Club but I said I would do my research first. My last resort would be to contact a lactation consultant which is a little bit of a challenge here in Manila. A breastfeeding advocate online asked me if I can see white spots. It looked pretty much like this. And no, that's not me in the picture! From there, I researched on milk blister. Some of the treatment includes using a needle which scared me. I tried the first treatment to have a hot compress and nurse the baby.

After having a hot shower, I brought Jack Jack in the room, dim the lights and propped up my pillows to nurse. The nursing hurt so much it feels like a vacuum cleaner is sucking it out of me! Sorry for the bluntness but it really felt that way. I'm happy to say after 5 minutes of gruelling pain, the lump is gone! Whew!

From now on, I would always carry my pump around so I would never miss emptying my breast.

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