Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Bumkins Bib Giveaway!

No, it's not from me. It's actually from Jane of Fab Fab Finds! I wanted the Bumkins Bib for little Jack Jack. He is, as always, becoming more and more of a food grabber everyday. Well, not that he is putting all of it into his mouth. Most of it drops on the floor or him. So, definitely, this will save the housekeeper his clothes a lot of trouble.

As mentioned, it is ideal for first-time feeders, the Starter Bib is made from Bumkins' proprietary waterproof fabric. It is stain and odor-resistant, and easy to clean and wash. It features a catch-all pocket for messy eaters, and best of all, it's BPA-, PVC-, vinyl- and phthalate-free! No harmful toxins for your little one!

Pretty cool, huh?!

This oh so cute and environmentally friendly Starter Bib is exclusively distributed by Terra Babies Boutique in the Philippines.

If you want one for your baby, click here to join the contest.

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