Saturday, July 25, 2009

Belly Kisses

At the end of my day's work, I always get cranky. It makes me feel guilty because I sometimes lose my patience with just about anything. Even with Jack Jack. Especially now that he's getting more and more curious exploring his new found world. I'm no angel, you know. I am not hitting him or anything but there are times when I couldn't really open my eyes to help him to nurse. Yes! I help him nurse because he can sometimes find his way to my breast! But then, other times, he can't. I feel like a bad mother because up until now, I still can't tell exactly what he wants. Hungry? Sleepy? Cranky? It's always a guessing game. I try to make a schedule when he would bathe, sleep and eat but most of the time it doesn't go as planned. And so, the schedule goes out the window. Sometimes, he would sleep at this time. Tomorrow, he won't. Meal schedule is another problem because he won't eat if he's sleeping or awake but sleepy. Ugh!

Okay, enough on blabbing and let me just show you this video. He gives me belly kisses when he wants something. Now this -- takes all the bad trip away!

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