Sunday, July 26, 2009

Time Management

If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands? ~Milton Berle

I have never been used to time management. "Later" is always a favorite word but is becoming a bad habit. Being OC and lazy (worst combination), I try my very hardest to organize my schedule, my stuff and my life in a way that everything will be easy but somehow manageable.

Before I accepted my full time job, my schedule was more flexible. I could do my groceries, go to belly dancing class, go to my parent's house, cook, surf and be with Jack Jack - anytime I want. I also happen to have a ME time.

Now, I'm trying to figure out a way to fit in everything in the hope that the ME time wouldn't be eliminated from the list. I believe this is going to drive me crazy if ever.

Last week was just crazy. My housekeeper went home because of a family emergency. She asked for only a 3-day leave last Sunday. She asked for another day come Tuesday. She asked for another day the next day because a family member passed away. I looked at our dirty laundry to see a big pile of clothes. Then I thought, "Oh my gawd! She's not coming back!" The thought of housekeeping, working and caring for Jack Jack alone is just overwhelming!

To make things worse, I developed a cold and an itchy throat midweek. This happened besides the fact that I was taking my vitamins regularly due to the pandemic flu. It must be the stress of thinking how to work things out should I lose my housekeeper.

I still couldn't think of how I would be able to do all things that needs to be done. So much for a ME time! Anyways, she informed me she's on her way back later that Friday. I was so relieved I could have kissed her if she was right in front me. I just tried my best not to when she got here - haha!

Things are a bit better now. But I still have to prepare for events as such should it occur again in the future. I hate the feeling that I became too dependent on someone because I used to be a person who can manage housework and Jack Jack alone. I thought I should change it and trained myself to designate anything that isn't Jack Jack related. Since I got a full-time job, I don't know how to fit everything without missing a sleep. I have yet to figure that out.

For anyone who has the same situation, how do you fit everything into your schedule?

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