Friday, July 10, 2009

Working At Home Full Time

Now, that I have gotten a full time job working at home, I've got my hands down to mothers who are working. Breastfeeding or not, it is hard to leave your baby at home to work.

I pumped as much as I could during the weekend to build a milk supply for Jack Jack's night feedings. The job offer came in as a surprise especially that it was offered to me full time. I couldn't really be sure how much he's drinking since we are used to nursing directly. I'm so glad I was able to stock 15 oz. of breast milk.

Monday night. Everything has been set. Milk has been thawed for Jack Jack. We had dinner early so I can tuck him to sleep early as well. Before 10 PM, he's off to Never Never Land.

My training starts at 11 PM so I still have time to spare. Hubby got home just in time so I was able to go online before 11 PM. Everything seems to be working well.

I thought it would be easier because Jack Jack would be close to me even if I'm working. I can always see him whenever I want. Much to my dismay, I think breastfeeding and working at home was harder for me. Firstly, because it was the first time that I'd be away from him for a long time since his first and last sleepover. I also have the unfortunate event that I would hear him cry but I can't nurse him for food or comfort. Looking at him and seeing his face longing for my touch is just heartbreaking. I was so close to quitting.

Anyways, I got through the night and quickly nursed him right after working hours (8 AM).

I'm so glad I have support from my husband and my Mom on this. Otherwise, I would've quit after a day's work.

I pumped my milk every 4 hours. My legs can hold the pump in place while sitting on my chair so both of my hands are free once I'm done setting it up. After pumping, the milk is labeled and placed in the fridge along with the breastpump for the next pumping session. I wash and sterilize all breastpump parts and feeding bottles after work.

I'm at the last two days of training. Next week, I'm hoping that I'd be working on my own timezone. At least, I can work anytime I want.

Here's my favorite part everyday!

Image is taken after nursing Jack Jack after work hours.

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