Sunday, October 4, 2009

If You Are Reading This, You Have Been Blessed

I'm not sure how to write this post. I'm thinking I should just forget about it (notice that I didn't shoot pictures of it) but it is something bad that has happened to our family and could happen to just about anybody as well - whatever your status in life is. I just wanted to share our story of how we were blessed last September 26.

- I woke up late (10:30am) besides the fact that I have been waking up 9-10am everyday for 3 weeks already - part of my plan to change my everyday routine.
- It has been raining really hard the whole night.
- I looked out in front of our garage because I heard a car was parking in front of our house.
- I noticed there's already a water build up and is probably the reason why the car was trying to park on the side walk in front of our house.
- I wasn't worried knowing that our area has never been flooded. I'm used to having flood because I grew up in a place where it floods with little rain. Thus, I choose to live in areas that does not flood.
- I went back in the room to wake up hubby "just" to show him the water coming in.
- We noticed the water was rising.
- We planned to raise the washing machine which is located far back of the garage.
- Hubby backed up the pickup truck so we could place the washing machine at the back of it.
- We didn't get to raise it because the water started to come into the house!
- In the blink of an eye, there is water all over the living room and kitchen floors.
- Pulled out all the cables from the broadband box, television, DVD players and tried to bring them all in the rooms which is 4 stair steps higher than the living room.
- I asked hubby to turn off the power supply. Water is past my ankles already.
- We also tried to bring the television in the rooms but it's too heavy we can't carry it past the stairs.
- Heard Portia wailing from her cage and realized that she's already standing on her back feet. I got her out and placed her on the bed. Water is knee deep.
- I brought my laptop in the room as well.
- Water was past my knees and we were still trying to raise the television but the stubborn thing doesn't want to go up the stairs.
- I looked out the sliding door to see that more water is about to come in. There was about 6 inches difference. The sliding door is glass so I'm torn. If I shut it close, the glass might break. If I open it wider, more water would come in faster.
- Rocky barked. Someone's at the door? Not. He's standing on his back feet and the water's at his kneck.
- Hubby brought him into the bath room which is almost at the same level as the rooms.
- Bang!
- Looking at the direction of the sound we saw the refrigerator floating on the water.
- We realized we should forget about the television and instead raise the fridge. Food is more important than the tv.
- We slid the fridge on the stairs. It was easier than raising the tv. Except that it's lying down instead of standing on it's feet. There goes my stored breastmilk.
- Now, the water is almost waist high and it has reached the rooms.
- I called my Mom without knowing what she or I could do. She's a city away. I guess I'm just letting her know how I'm doing.
- My Mom wanted to fetch me but we heard news from a friend that two jeepneys has been taken by the water current on the road that they are going to take.
- The water was an inch high in the bedrooms when it stopped rising.
- We tried to raise more stuff into the higher cabinets.
- We started to pack our things - important things that we will bring should we need to leave the house.
- The rain wasn't stopping still and the road in front of our house looks like a river for whitewater rafting. Except that we don't have a boat and the life jacket and the helmets. So the idea of going out is not an option.
- It was 1pm without breakfast so the cold pizza from the previous night seems to be the best food ever. Except that there's only 3 slices left and there were 3 mouths to feed.
- I offered to nurse Jack Jack since I was not able to feed him anything since that morning.
- Water started to rise again. Only this time it was slow.
- We have nowhere to raise our things anymore.
- My pick-up truck is also submerged in water up to it's dashboard.
- Water stopped rising at almost knee deep but our bed is already wet - we cannot stay anymore.
- It stopped raining hard but still raining.
- A friend came over to fetch us. He's with his cousins. They helped us carry our stuff out of the house. And into the water-filled street.
- Portia was stuffed into a backpack.
- Rocky was left in the bathroom.
- I couldn't find my slippers.
- Jack Jack laughed seeing the water but later on cried when he couldn't see me. Hubby was holding him.
- I saw dead cockroaches floating. Eeeeww... but felt sorry that they aren't as lucky.
- The water was almost chest deep outside our gates.
- Remember the car that parked there that morning? It's still there. Which is just 2 inches short of being completely submerged.
- Walking barefoot in the water is easier than having slippers on.
- I don't know what time that is anymore. I'm just glad that we got out.
- We waited for ANY vehicle that would take us to ANY hotel.
- A cab driver agreed to take us to Eurotel but he is such an insensitive jerk.
- Cab driver asked us to use our dry clothing to sit on because his seats would be wet from our clothing.
- I was itching to tell him, "I hope this does not happen to you or your family." but that's bad.
- Hubby and I weren't in the mood to argue.
- We got stuck in traffic on the way.
- I had to leave them in the cab to find a restroom. I had to do number 1 so badly.
- Borrowed hubby's slippers. He's the only one who's wearing slippers.
- Cab driver did not wait in the traffic for me so I walked all the way to the hotel.
- It's just a block away but it was raining so hard so I was soaked even if I was wearing a jacket.
- I went through a mall to get out of the rain and save me from more soaking.
- Reached the hotel to find out that they are fully booked.
- Never knowing what to do, an angel tipped us to just order anything from the lobby.
- She said they'd give us a room if we just wait. They're just saying they are full so that the waiting list isn't so long.
- We ordered something.
- Hubby changed his clothes and used his slippers to go to the mall. He'll buy diapers (I forgot to bring) and slippers.
- I also changed my clothes. Walked around the lobby area barefoot.
- I tried to nurse Jack Jack again but he kept on glancing around the lobby. It was not dark and not quiet so his curiousness kicks in.
- I went back and forth their check-in counter with Jack Jack. And yes, I used him as leverage to get a room.
- After about 2 hours, we were able to check into a room with clean sheets, tv and hot shower.
- It was also about the same time our dinner was served.
- Jack Jack had so much fun with the light switches located at the headboard.
- His laughs were the only thing that brightened up that gloomy day.
- Portia was finally let out. The hotel might not take us in if they saw Portia.
- Portia was very good and no accidents inside the bag.
- Had our dinner.
- Gave some leftover for Portia - I forgot to bring her food.
- I nursed Jack Jack to sleep. Had I not been nursing him, I don't know what I would be feeding him.
- We watched tv and saw some more people affected by the flash flood.
- Heard a lot of people are stuck on top of their roofs of two story houses!!!

Except for some bruises (that we don't know where we got) plus poor Portia broke a nail, we're very lucky we're all safe. When we got back at our house it was a mess. A big mess. Rocky was safe inside the bathroom but I think he has developed another phobia. Water phobia. He's also claustrophobic by the way.

When the house owner visited us after 2 days to see the damages, he said it has never flooded in this area. Ever. Which I think is pretty much true. I know because you will see watermarks if the are has been flooded before and the smell would also be different. I know because, as I said, I used to live in a place where flood is a usual thing.


  1. hi, you have no idea how grateful I am reading this post... but i feel for the others that become homeless after the deadly typhoon, you still is very lucky because you're home still there while others lost eveyrhting, and you ahve Jack Jack with you.. (btw my son named Jakc too)... we visayans have organised for flood relief to send there we donated and our organisation organised the help, hope it helps.

  2. Hi there! Na-Ondoy din pala kayo! Haaay. My parents' house in Cainta was affected too, at the time they were away for mission, and my own family and I were on mission in Timor Leste too. Grabe noh? Pero ang galing talaga ni GOD because He helped a lot of families out... I love your blog! :) Will add it to my blogroll if it's ok with you! Let's link up if you like - :) God bless always and continue spreading the word about breastfeeding! :)

  3. yes, we all are very lucky. we're given another chance to change our lives for the better.


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