Saturday, November 10, 2007

Baby Love

If you will notice there is actually two widgets I have for our babies. We made a new addition to the family last week - someone to keep me company.She just loves to sleep on my belly. Isn't she just adorable?

Anyways, the main point of this post is my check-up this morning. I had an ultrasound for the second time but it's not transvaginal anymore (what a relief!). Hubby was able to capture a video while she was moving. It looks like she's stretching and waving at us.

Hubby was so excited the whole time because of the movements - I wish you could hear the audio. Hehehe!

OB said her spine is in tact, fingers are complete as well. Placenta is high-lying and fetal heart rate is at 153 bpm. Baby is at least 2.5 inches already. I weigh around 46 kgs - highest I have in record. It's a hundred pounds at home though.

I have given up all of my jeans - to which everybody is opposing for me to wear even if I don't button it down anymore. Now all I have a PJ's and leggings (from dancing class) to wear. I want to go to Divi!!!

Here's another video (just couldn't get enough of it!!):

(See my belly button?!!)

P.S. Happy birthday Mama!


  1. congrats! =)



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