Saturday, October 25, 2008

The New Seating

One of the things hubby and I enjoy most is traveling. For me, that includes driving around. Well, I don't just drive around going nowhere. I meant to say that I kind of enjoy driving. Before Jack Jack, I wouldn't care where anybody would sit. And I would count the number of passengers to be 5. Now, I can only drive for 4 persons if Jack Jack is coming along. 2 with Jack Jack and Portia and 1 with hubby, Jack Jack and Portia.

Remember Jack Jack's seat? I moved him to seat up front. This makes him more accessible to me when I'm driving. Hubby sits at the back of Jack Jack's new seat - making us both able to reach for him when he needs something. Actually, the best part of the new seat is Papa's old massager. I never got to remove it from the pickup since I do not have anywhere to move it to. Now, when we're out and about, I put Jack Jack on this seat, turn on the massager and voila! He'd be sleeping in a jiffy!

What a wonderful thing! Maybe we should go for a ride when he doesn't feel like sleeping at night?

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