Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Bangles

Since I had Jack Jack, I have been very careful with anything that I put on. Whether it be clothes, shoes, bags or accessories. Everything must be baby-proofed. It should be safe for Jack Jack, easy to maintain and comfortable. I gave up blouses with beads, dangling earings, watch and high-heeled shoes (made my sister VERY happy).

I bought these round steel earings for his Baptism last year. It is safe for him but not for me! He wasn't at the pulling stage at that time so it's fine. But right now, he pulls anything shiny and bold.

Bangles seem to be a hit at the moment but they are too big for my small arms. It's supposedly safe for Jack Jack since it isn't catchy and is too big for him to swallow (should he decide to play with it). Then I found this bangle set which is perfect for us. Jack Jack likes to play with it, too. If you could only see how he laughs at times when it makes it's sound. Only that it's a bit noisy everytime I move. It's not catchy, not sharp, big enough to not be swallowed and looks really good on my arms! Perfect! Oh well, almost.

Look at that beauty...

Anyways, days later, I saw it over at Look for Less.

Nice, eh? It isn't the exact same thing. Mine has different carvings on it while the other is uniformed. I just love wearing it!

UPDATE (June 2, 2009): I saw Agot Isidro wearing the same bangles at Tayong Dalawa.

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