Friday, May 22, 2009

Jack Jack's First Birthday - Part 1

Last week, my little Jack Jack turned one. Along with this, I have decided to call him Jack Jack online from now on. Apparently, for his privacy and safety purposes.

Like it or not, I'm back. I haven't been posting for a long time because of the preparations I did for his birthday. His real birthday's May 15 but it was celebrated on the 17th. I'm still waiting for the pictures from the official photographer - yes, I hired one because the pictures would last a lifetime and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't do as good a job as his because I'd be busy the whole time.

For now, I'll post pictures of what I DIYed for the party. I created all the layouts from downloaded images from the internet using Adobe Photoshop CS2.


I had the invite layout printed in 4x6 matte finish for Php7 each. I bought magnetic sheets from the local bookstore so guests can stick it on their fridge. Glue them together after cutting to size. I also printed the maps on colored papers unused from our wedding. The envelopes were from my Mom so it's free.

Personalized Tumbler Souvenirs

Again, I did the layout from Adobe Photoshop CS2. Then I printed the images on A4 size bond papers. The tumblers I bought from another supplier. I used double sided tape to affix the images in the tumbler.

Stage Backdrop


Both the Stage Backdrop and Standee was printed on tarpaulin. I was lucky to find this vendor along Aurora Boulevard that charges only Php17/square foot for rush tarpaulin printing 4 days before the event. I thought I needed to go to Recto to get the same price. I was also able to find tarpaulin stand from National Bookstore for Php188. Whew! Most of the stands costed Php700++!

Table Centerpiece

This idea came from a fellow GirlTalker mommy_vicky. They are just your regular rubber mat only that they are uber small that you can practically build toy blocks out of it. Thanks sis!


Once again, I got lucky that I found these small Incredibles backpacks. Otherwise, I would have to make do with Incredibles paper bags. Contents would differ according to age and gender.

Baby Lootbag contents:

Older kids Lootbag contents:

These contents can either be for a boy or girl. The only difference with the other contents is that it has Disney Cars instead of Winnie the Pooh. I wasn't able to capture an image of that.

Coloring Pages

I also printed coloring pages of the Incredibles downloaded from different sites. Then I provided crayolas to be place on the kid's tables. It was supposed to be coloring books for the kids but I didn't have enough time to have them binded.

Once I get the complete pictures from the photographer, I'll post Part 2. Whew! I'm so glad that it's done! I can now breathe!


  1. nice toy blocks! where do you able to get those? i hope its not from divi, layo eh. :)

  2. hi agnes... sorry, they are from divi. sa andings... i'm not sure if you can find them somewhere else but it's cheapest from there.

  3. hi sis! very creative mo naman. thanks for sharing the cubes, ako yung nag message sa yo before sa GT :)

  4. the little blocks are so cute. :) i wanted to ask lang, how do i find andings sa divi? not a divi expert kasi. =p

  5. @ zhanne8: sis, it wasn't really my idea. i got it from another GT mom. it was really a great idea!

    @ alizajimenez: anding's is near tutuban. i think may access nga from tutuban mall to anding's e. not an expert din. pero anding's is in second floor. might help if you ask the guards. they'd know better to give you a sketch.

  6. i believe the toy blocks are also availble in national bookstore.. just can't remember how much though:)


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