Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another Layout and A Greeting

My head hurts the other day after finishing this layout for my sister. I saw the sun rising before I was finally able to close my eyes. I'm so glad that Jack Jack didn't bother me much that morning. The next day was June 12 (Independence Day - a regular holiday in the Philippines) so I called the printing office to verify if they are open. I was lucky enough to talk to one of them saying that they're closed for today but that he can wait for me. I think I stayed there for a good 30 minutes and the tarpaulin was done! Pretty fast, isn't it!

Oh, the tarpaulin is actually for her birthday. So, happy birthday to my bestest sister! I'm so excited for her to see this...

I miss digiscrapping. It eats a lot of time so I don't do it anymore unless I really need to. Like in Jack Jack's birthday.

Just a quick question, why does my kid like hitting me with anything and pulling my hair?


  1. Jam loves pulling my hair too. Haha! Not to mention grabbing my glasses off my face.

  2. oooh... grabbing stage ka na rin!


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