Monday, June 15, 2009

DIY: Tumbler

Due to insistent public demand (haha! as if!), I am posting a separate topic regarding the tumbler. Actually, it's just the tumbler template that they were asking but I guess it would also be a lot of help if I were to post how I created the tumbler souvenirs for Jack Jack's birthday party.

Pre-requisite: User must be knowledgeable in Adobe Photoshop.

1. Download the tumbler template here.

2. Edit the layout in Adobe Photoshop to make it appear as how you want it to.

3. Print the layout in Adobe Photoshop. Print the layout in black and white and in low resolution to save on ink. Don't be too excited!

4. Cut the layout and fit it in the tumbler.

5. If it fits, proceeds to the next step. If it doesn't, adjust the size and go back to Step #3.

Final Layout:

6. Print the layout on the desired paper. You may use photo paper, board or regular inkjet bond paper.

7. Cut all layouts.

8. Use double sided tapes to fix the layouts in the tumbler. You can opt not to use the double sided tapes and just simply fix the layouts in the tumbler but having a lose design just wouldn't make me sleep.

Final Product:

9. OPTIONAL: Put the tumbler in a package or wrap it. Since I was lazy, I used the box that came with the tumblers as the package. :P

If you are encountering problems with the download, let me know. This is my first DIY post so I hope you guys find it helpful. Ayt!


  1. hi sis, where did you buy the raw tumbler and how much?


  2. you can find the tumblers in 168. P25 each for wholesale.

  3. thanks sis. meron pala sa 168. muntik nako bumili online at 35 each.

  4. they would usually start the pricing at P55. so bring your tawad powers with you. they also told me that they are increasing the price for this dahil tataas ang demand. gagamitin daw ng mga politicians for the election. good luck!

  5. will take note of that sis. tnx!


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